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Mina Asahi : Sexy Nurse-Interracial Threesome!

Length: 46:21
Publish Date: 14 October 2020

At the hospital, nurse Mina Asahi and her coworker Azusa Goto, eagerly await the arrival of a brand-new doctor to the facility, the Chezch born Lutro. However, it is at the same time that a doctor who has been banished from the facility Shun Sakuragi, looks to spoil the occasion as he has taken it upon himself to treat a patient who is in a very bad way. All of this, while knowing that he is not to practice at the hospital. We then move on as soon, the patient has been moved to a room and it's still unresponsive. He is that way some three days later as they come to witness a breakthrough. It turns out that Ichiro just so happens to have a response when someone comes upon or close to his crotch area. This further being put to the test, 10 days later, as he see himself inspected by the female nursem Mina. As it turns out she really gets his blood boiling in a good way. The two doctors Sakuragi and :utro make note of his response, going on to encourage Mina to further participate, as they get one of her tits out for he to grasp. However, soon both tits are out. as Ichiro suck on the left one. It's a site that Lutro just cannot resist as goes on to join in effectively making this an interracial threesome. It's during which that we see that the guys have their way with Mina -both one by one and also by tag teaming as she has both of her holes stuffed with cock at various times throughout!