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Yuzu : Nurse-Interracial Creampie!

Length: 34:57
Publish Date: 14 August 2020

This interracial scene, takes place at a crazy Hospital, where the doctors on staff are in the midst of the power struggle, as one tries to outdo the other. Case and point, Dr. Goto has suddenly collapsed following an attack by a fellow doctor, Dr. Sakuragi. Dr. Lutro and nurse Yuzu, have been assigned to watch over Goto. However, it isn't long before Goto awakens from her slumber. She does not know what went on, as she is feeling lightheaded. She believes that they have been a rise in her blood pressure. However nonetheless, Goto quickly arises as she has patient to see, she says. This would of course, leave the doctor and the nurse alone, together in the empty room. It actually giving Lutro enough time to confess his true feelings towards Yuzu. The buildup isn't much, as this sees they going into kissing. It would lead to Lutro having Yuzu on the bed on her knees, with her butt in the air. This, as Lutro would be busy burying his face into her pussy from over her blue panties. They would soon come off however, as Lutro then proceed to finger bang the pussy nice and hard. Yuzu would then go on to suck cock, as she is surprised by the size of it initially. They would soon end up in a 69 position, which is followed by the position of a reverse cowgirl, as we see Yuzu bounce steadily. After this, we would see positions such as missionary, standard cowgirl, and full straddle doggy. We also see the position of the lazy dog, as Lutro straddles Yuzu's backside to pound it in deep and hard. The last position, would be another instance of missionary, where Lutro is fucking at an even pace. So it does not take him long to cum from here. The scene, and missionary end with Lutro depositing a nice load into Yuzu's pussy, thus making a creampie for the finish!