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Lika Star & Kaede Azuma : Crazy Hospital Story - Interracial Foursome Creampie!

Length: 40:59
Publish Date: 15 December 2020

The hospital staff has been on close watch ever since patient, Tortilla Suzuki came in. Infected with a deadly virus, they fear that he will not make it. A female doctor, Azusa Goto first checks on Tortilla, prior to leaving him in the care of two young and sexy nurses; Lika Star and Kaede Azuma. However, unfortunately it isn't long after they are put on watch of him, that the patient becomes unresponsive. In comes another doctor, Shun Sakuragi, who gets right to work performing CPR on the patient. Luckily for him, he is able to revive Tortilla. He also goes on to communicate with him, telling him that if he wants to beat the virus, that he must build his immunity, and the only way to do that is to think of three words. Those three words being; food, sleep and sex. The doctor says that Tortilla will need all of those things if he wants to survive. It is then, with sex in mind, that Sean goes on to a enlist the help of his nurses Lika and Kaede. This, as they are tasked with helping the very sick Tortilla "build his immunity" Tortilla commits to it, and he's ready, as crazy four-way between he and his nurses, and his doctor, soon gets underway. It of course, all being in the name of good health!