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Non:Sex Cyborg-Vibrator Orgasm

Length: 17:55
Publish Date: 15 July 2020

Recently Lutro had a sex cyborg, Non Imported to the Czech Republic. Non, who is now, a sex cyborg, has been purposely designed in a way that she is simply not able to survive without sexual contact. Non is looking pretty weak when Lutro approaches her, He decides to put her through sexual endurance test, using a variety of sex toys. Lutro begins by using his fingers, as he reach down in between Non's legs, touch her pussy. It would also go on to do things such as come around the front, to spread apart her pussy lips. It isn't long, before he brings out the first in a series of three sex toys. The first toy being a magic bullet type vibrator. Lutro begins things by merely teasing her clit and asshole with the toy. This, prior to he inserting it into Non's pussy. The next toy would be a big vibrating dildo, equipped with a clit stimulator. Again there is soon like teasing with the toy, This including Lutro pinching Non's pussy lips between his fingers, as he concentrate the vibrating toy directly onto her clit. He would also finally insert the toy, with in the end, He fucks Non hard and fast with the big toy. It's after this, that Lutro go down on Non with his mouth and tongue. He also would spread it apart her pussy with his fingers. But, that would not be all for this test, as one more toy remains, and that is an Hitachi vibrator. It's here, that we see Lutro train the toy on Non's clit, as she squirm in pleasure. He would keep working it in on her, and after some time, Non is finally driven to hard orgasm via the toy!