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Keira Croft:Fuck to Survive / Interracial Double Penetration Creampie!

Length: 47:36
Publish Date: 1 April 2021

Keira Croft is Sex Cyborg - serial number 0965 -3326
Ichiro and Shun Sakuragi, are two pals who were chatting with one another, when Shun, asks Ichiro if he did in fact, enjoy his recent trip to Japan. Ichiro says that he did, citing Japan's advancement in technology. In fact, Ichiro says that he has something to show him. Something that he got directly from Japan. A sex cyborg. A cyborg, bred, not only for sex but also for combat. Shun is amazed when Ichiro shows him sex cyborg, Keira Croft. They look over her body, as she is quite sexy. However, Shun seems to be more concerned about her ability to fight, as she already brandishes with confidence, a sharp katana blade. Shun doesn't seem to believe that Keira is so capable of being strong, and so he wants to challenge her to a face-off. We then go to another location, as the two of them are equipped with swords. This, as Ichiro oversees an exhibition. The two of them go back and forth, until Keira eventually getting the upper hand. This, as Ichiro stops her blade right at Shun's neck. It is an impressive showing from the sex cyborg. However, if Shun thought that demonstration was impressive, Ichiro says that he should try her pussy. In fact, he proposes that the two of them try it together. It's something that they agree to, as we pick up in another, different location. It's from there that kissing leads to the men opening up Keira's suit, for them to suck on her tits. After that, Shun would eventually go on to rip open her suit at the crotch. Keira has a buttplug in. It soon removed however, as Shun proceeds to finger both her pussy and ass simultaneously. The next focus will be her ass, as they rip open the back. Eventually, Ichiro would bury his face into her ass, while also fingering her pussy at the same time. It soon causing Keira to cum. Sometime following this, we see Ichiro hoist her up in the air as Shun finger her pussy to squirting orgasm, he would also do so again next, as she stand on one leg. It is here that he has a finger in both of her lower holes, as Ichiro is busy stretching out her mouth with his fingers. It's after this that for a time, that we would see Keira trade-off on sucking both of the cocks. After this, both of them in would have their time with Keira, whether it be fucking her face, or fucking her pussy as she sit with her legs spread wide. The two men would alternate at times between these holes. Shun would get her from behind, as she suck Ichiro's dick. However, we would next have the guys enter her ass for anal sex. First Shun, and then Ichiro, with Ichiro fucking the ass hard. Following this, things would go on to cowgirl, as she straddle Shun who fucks her pussy. Shun's pacing is increasing, as he goes harder. We then see the act of double penetration, as Ichiro joins them to plug up her ass with his cock for a time. But after this, Ichiro would take Keira, to fuck her ass good in standing upright doggy. We would also see standing cowgirl, and standing missionary consecutively. This, before the guys take her to the floor. Shun spooning her ass, and when next Ichiro fucking her pussy in reverse, while he finger her asshole. We'd then see standing cowgirl, and standing missionary. Before it's doggy from Shun from behind, as Ichiro bends his dick back, for Keira to suck. We would also see Keira eat Ichiro's ass from here, as well as in 69 next. From then, she rides his dick in reverse cowgirl, as she suck off Shun. She'd continue with him on the couch, sucking as Ichiro has she from behind. It's after this, that we would have two instances of double penetration, one for each of the two variants of cowgirl. After this ,Ichiro has her in side fuck, as he fuck her ass. It's here, that he would continue, until it finally lets loose in her ass. Shun would soon follow, fucking her pussy, as he himself fill it up. It's from there that Keira finds herself double stuffed, as the scene comes to an end, ending with both an anal, and vaginal creampie!