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Hazel Moore:Close Up Blowjob

Length: 16:15
Publish Date: 13 June 2020

It's here that we serve as a very special witness to Hazel Moore, who demonstrates her undeniable cock sucking, and milking skills. This, as the director Kingdom, presents a very special close-up presentation of she taking on a lucky Japanese cock.
Things begin with Hazel, gazing seductively into the camera, as she handle the cock before her. It's here, that she wets the cock with her mouth, all the way down to the shaft, prior to she eventually twirling her tongue around the sensitive head of the dick. She go on to work it over, as she jerk off the cock with her mouth. The front facing the camera angle would switch to one of side view, soon after. This, as Hazel would continue her work, taking the shaft all the way down her throat, as she sometimes gives the camera a glance. We would go to the front angle once again, and then back again a couple of times, as she consistently works the cock, licking and tonguing at the head, And taking the shaft down until she works with her lips. It in the end, being enough to make the hard cock explode into her mouth. She follows it up by, going on to show us the evidence, as it falls from her mouth in the form of hot drool! As things conclude, it's obvious that Hazel truly enjoys her tasty reward!