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New Face! Elika : High School Gal VS Big Black Cock Teacher - Interracial Creampie!

Length: 39:06
Publish Date: 15 December 2020

Elika, is a young college student who is attempting to learn the English language. However, some parts of it are just too difficult for the young girl to grasp. It's with this in mind, that Elika comes to her teacher Tony for assistance after class. Elika puts her textbook down, as she goes on to show Tony where her problem lies. It isn't long before Tony believes that he has the solution to her problem, and It is at that point that it seems as though Elika has got it. However, unfortunately she soon runs into another problem. This, prompting Tony to have a better look. But we then see Elika, drift off into a daydream, as she can do nothing but stare at her attractive teacher, Tony. She definitely has eyes for him, as she goes on to question whether he likes her not. Or, better yet if he loves her. Tony of course goes on to say that he does like Elika. But when it comes to love, he says that someone else already occupies those feelings for him. Elika goes on to say that, she cannot believe that he has a girlfriend. Especially one that is 32 years of age. She says that there is no way that his girlfriend's body can compare to hers. it's clear that Elika has but one thing on her mind. This, as she does her best to persuade her teacher. Saying that it would be a secret between the two of them. Tony is of course standoffish, and initially is successful in resisting the urge of temptation when it comes to Elika's young tender body. But for Tony, as much as he believes that he is successful in resisting, he soon finds that it is all too much to bare, as the seductress Elika comes on to him, much strongly.