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Alexis Crystal-Interracial Double Penetration!

Length: 40:38
Publish Date: 1 December 2020

We begin with two friends Shun Sakuragi and Ichiro, simply relaxing in a very nice Japanese onsen. However, it isn't long, Before Ichiro entertains Shun, as he go into a story involving a beautiful woman who once came into the onsen with him. He says that it was an encounter that involved he having sex with her. Not only that, the sex itself, involved Ichiro giving her a creampie! Shaun just does not believe it. However, he would soon come face to face with the truth, as the same beautiful woman, Alexis Crystal, would soon join them both in the onsen. And once again, she is willing to surrender herself in the name of sex. This time, to the two men. Shaun is very amazed by her willingness. But it is true, as soon, the three of them engage in an interracial threesome. It would be a sexual showing between the two men and one lady, that would eventually make its way out of the onsen and indoors. It would be there, that the two men have their way with her. as the sex advances into they double penetrating, both of Alexis Crystal's holes. It's fast paced and lively sex, that would see both Shun and Ichiro fucking her good and hard. This, as they reward her with an anal creampie, and vaginal creampie respectively!