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Kayley Gunnar:Samurai Nakadashi/Interracial Creampie!

Length: 41:08
Publish Date: 1 July 2021

Ichiro is a man, dressed in samurai attire, who is returning home from a trip. Upon returning home, he is greeted by his lovely lady Kayley Gunner, who is likewise dressed the part of a Geisha. Ichiro is very tired after this trip. However, Kayley ends up in his lap, as the converse, and otherwise kiss passionately. It is this passion that would soon lead them to a bedroom downstairs. It would be there, that their kissing would continue. However, it is also during this time, that we see Kayley dress down. This including she exposing her nice round ass, as she bend over as well as crawl across Ichiro on the bed. The sucking of Kayley nipples by Ichiro, would soon lead to she both sucking and stroking Ichiro's cock. It's during this, that her spit piles on the shaft, as she would go on to employ a double-handed stroke approach. This then would take things to 69. It is here, that the camera treats us to views from both ends. First of Kayley, as she goes on to worship Ichiro's cock. It then seeing Ichiro going at her pussy with his mouth and tongue. Eventually following this, we would see Kayley return to sucking, just before Ichiro would return the favor by going down on her to eat her pussy. Initially, Kayley is spread wide on her back, as Ichiro go in between her legs to tongue suck at her clit. However, as this continues we see Ichiro fold Kayley up in a piledriver position, as he go on to continue to work on the pussy. Things would then transition into missionary, which is the first position of the scene. It's here, that we see Ichiro hit the pussy at a steady pace. It would be after he brings Kayley to the edge of the bed, that he go on to improve his pacing, going harder and faster. Next up Kayley would would let Ichiro take it from the back, as she is open her knees for doggy. Ichiro would go right for it, as he would fully straddle her from behind, in order to go deep. He would again go hard at the pussy from here. We would also see the positions and standard cowgirl, as well as reverse cowgirl. All before a return to missionary is made. It is here, again that Ichiro continues fast and hard. This, prior to taking things into standing cowgirl, as he lifts Kayley up to pound her good. The action would next to place in the in a chair nearby. It's here, that we see Kayley, split between the chair, as her legs are on each arm of it respectively. Regardless we still see she bounce on the dick from there. It would be then that Kayley would briefly ride Ichiro's face, prior to she being up on her knees, and bent over for doggy from the chair. Doggy would continue next, though, by simply having she bent over the edge of the seat of the chair. After the chair, the doggy would pick up once the two of them go over to a dresser. It would then continue, with a return to the bed shortly thereafter. After the round of doggy from the bed, we see Kayley on top, as she go on to ride the dick once again in cowgirl. It would be following this, that Ichiro would once again take her from behind. Except, for this time, the action ends up in a side fucking position for a time. However, it would once again go back to doggy. The lazy dog variation in particular. As it would continue from there, Ichiro would go on to also finger-bang Kayley from behind, as she remain on all fours. Things would then go to spoon, and then lastly missionary. It would be in missionary, that we see the two of them spend an extended amount of time. This, as Ichiro would eventually work himself up to quick pace. He would also go on to push Kayley's legs back, as he go on to pound it in hard. As a result of this, the quick and hard fucking from Ichiro, would ultimately lead him to cum deep inside of her. This, as the spirited scene come to an end, with an effective interracial creampie!