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Lily Larimar:Naked Fallen Angel/Interracial Creampie!

Length: 41:13
Publish Date: 15 July 2021

As the story tells - long before the creation of mankind, lived many Gods in the heavens, and once the world changed, the Gods closely watched over the humans from up above. Such a God, was the God who presided over celibacy. He himself was able to restrain from desire, while also having a good heart. However, as he continue to watch the greed of humankind from heaven, where he reside, He became heavily influenced, and soon gave in, as temptation and desire grabbed hold of him. This, as he eventually had sexual relations with the goddess of love Aphrodite. This, causing major trouble for him, and he was soon banished from heaven, and sent to Earth to live among the humans. However, he has been harnessed with an extreme disadvantage. If he does not have the sex that he so crave, then he will die. The scene begins with the fallen Angel, wandering aimlessly into a pub. Nude and bearing a set of wings, the angel disrupts the establishment's business, While at the same time, also frightening its patrons. All except one. That being the beautiful waitress Lily Larimar. Lily would just stand in awe of the strange naked man, as he approach her, begging for her help. The God Ichiro, is quick to explain his dilemma to she. She is obviously quite confused. However, she does not really hesitate when it comes to complying to what he needs, as the two of them quickly go into a sexual encounter beginning with kisses exchanged between the two. The kissing sees them use much tongue, as Ichiro also can't help but to get a double handful of Lily's ass.  However, the two of them would go over to a table, where Lily would find herself soon bent over. Ichiro would follow this up, by going at her ass and pussy with his mouth. This prior to he slipping his cock into her pussy to fuck it. It's from her,e a steady, even pace is utilized by Ichiro. Soon Lily's right leg would be propped up on the table, leaving her wide open for him to take her deeper. We see the doggy position continued in an upright fashion, and then as Ichiro pull back on Lily's arms for leverage, to fuck her hard. But it's after this, that Lily would go on to suck Ichiro's Japanese cock. This would only be briefly. That's because Lily would next go on to sit on the cock, initially as she spread her ass in the process. It's from here, that she would begin by steadily bouncing on the cock. But it's once Ichiro repositions his chair, that he would go on to fuck her back at much faster, and harder pace. It's after this, that Lily is on the table with her ass pushed out toward the camera. It's during, that she would go back to the blowjob. This, prior to things resuming in missionary, and then side fuck. He would have Lily turn to her side, as her ass again face the camera. Ichiro would maintain his steady pace from here, prior to getting up on the table and fully straddling her front, in order to pound, in the missionary position, as they make a return. It seems as though Lily enjoys watching that Japanese cock go into her American pussy. It's after this, that Ichiro would go on to fuck Lily's face, a short time prior to things going to reverse 69 with Ichiro on top. It would be during this time that we would see Lily suck the dick. This, while upside down and as Ichiro bends his cock around the back of his ass for her to suck. After this, it would be doggy, as Ichiro would fully straddle Lily's ass from behind to go deep. The action would then go to the top of the bar. Lily would first begin things here, by sucking Ichiro off. However, it would not be long before things would be taken into the doggy position once again. But it's this time that we see three separate instances of the position; the straightaway traditional type, upright doggy, as well as doggy that sees Lily having her face down and ass up. Following the upright doggy position, the next one would be standing cowgirl as we see Ichiro lift up Lily after placing her on the table. It's during this position that we Ichito begin things with a steady, but slower pace. But of course, soon enough, he would go on to continue by improving his pace, slamming his cock into her hard at a fast pace. Next up, Ichiro Would place Lily on the table, as he go on to both suck on her tits, as well as fuck her in missionary. It would then lead to standard cowgirl, as Lily climb on to ride. It's from here that we would see her slam down on the cock. This, while having her feet planted, as she bounce on it, and also grind on it, as well. However next, Ichiro wants more of the missionary position, and so, Lily is once again on her back, with her legs spread. It would be from this position, that Ichiro would fuck her at an increasing rate. This, as Ichiro make sure that it is ok for he to cum inside of her. Lily does not hesitate in the least bit, as she lets  be known that she is completely down with this happening. So to follow-up Ichiro would hit the pussy hard at a very quick and hard in and out. It soon resulting in he leaving a nice load deep inside of Lily. one that she is happy to next fish out, as the scene comes to an end with the fallen Angel being completely safe from hid impending death.