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Alexis Crystal:Gothic Maid-Interracial Creampie!

Length: 45:10
Publish Date: 31 July 2020

Shun Sakuragi, is a man who is very busy, as he is the president of a big company. He is even working when he receives a visit from his business client, Ichiro. The two of them discuss a product that he ordered a short time ago, with Ichiro saying that it would unfortunately be another week, until he received it. Shun is a little bit disappointed about that, just prior to he receiving phone call. One which urges his presence at the office. Shun is quick to apologize to Ichiro, who has of course, made the trip to his house. However, he leaves him in the supposed good hands of his foreigner maid, Alexis Crystal. When the two of them are left alone, Ichiro just assumed that he would finish his cup of tea, and go home. However, he would soon strike up a conversation with the friendly maid. He asks she her name. Asks she how long she has been working for her boss. He even goes on to complement her long brown hair. It's after this that things would escalate rather quickly, as Alexis takes it upon herself, to have a seat next to Ichiro. This, as his compliments continue, as he go on to talk about her maid uniform ,as well as her nice red nail polish. Alexis reciprocates by putting a hand on Ichiro's lap, and it is a hand that soon becomes rather curious. This, as it began to go near his crotch. Ichiro is hesitant. Because after all, he is loyal to Shun, who is a good client. However with this, Alexis continues to be pursuant. This, as she next unbutton, and unzipped his pants. It would be where she would find Ichiro's hard cock protruding underneath his boxers. Alexis likes it when she finds it, and is quick to get it out. Ichiro is still hesitant, as he attempt to cover himself. However, Alexis won't give  as she quickly go on to administer a blowjob. It's from here, that she would suck the Japanese cock briefly, before she go on to give Ichiro a show, featuring her ass. This, as she hike up her long skirt, to reveal her white panty-clad backside. Ichiro can't believe it. He's amazed. However, he would have his mind blown next, as she would go on to slip out of her undergarments right before him. This, before he would go on to retrieve said panties and have a sniff of them. Alexis' smell causes Ichiro to go insane, as he quickly dives under her skirt, and goes on a pussy assault, with his mouth and tongue. After this, Alexis would continue to surprise Ichiro as she positions herself on the couch. She on her back with her legs held up, and spread. This position showing off all of her divine holes. Ichiro is still amazed. He soon going in on the pussy. However, not before he puts Alexis' panties on his head! He would keep them there, but move them aside to briefly eat pussy. It's brief because next Alexis fines herself on all fours, as Ichiro would then proceed to eat her ass and pussy from behind, prior to fingering the latter with a couple of fingers. After this, Alexis would continue things, by once again sucking cock. This, before she would find herself on her knees next, as she rock back on the dick, as it penetrate her. However, it is also be from here, that Ichiro would soon take charge to fully straddle she from behind, as he pound her deeply in doggy. They would be led over to the couch, where it would continue with Alexis bent over the seat of the couch. The next position would be missionary, as Alexis is then on her back. Things would change up a bit next as we see the action go to piledriver. This being as Alexis is bent over the back of the couch, and as Ichiro straddle her front. This would occur for a time, until Ichiro takes the initiative to reverse itself, as piledriver would continue with his back facing the camera. He would next change up once again, this time, taking a side mount. Next u,p Alexis is stripped-down out of her maid uniform, as the two of them go to doggy. Again, Ichiro would fuck hard. Things would also continue seamlessly, as they transition into front side fuck next up. In yet another interesting turn for things as we would next see some inverted piledriver. This, with Ichiro on the floor, and off of the edge of the couch, as Alexis straddle him in the front to bounce. It lasting for a time, until we lastly come to the missionary position. It would be here that Ichiro deeply pound the pussy, until he must cum. Bringing the action to an end, he would do so as he let loose a load deeply into Alexis. Thus, successfully ending the scene with an interracial creampie finish!