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Mio Katsuki:Maid-Interracial Threesome!

Length: 41:52
Publish Date: 1 July 2020

Lutro and a friend, Yoshida, are just cusually conversing, when Lutro had an idea that would make their time more enjoyable. This, as the topic of discussion becomes his Japanese maid, Mio Matsuki. Lutro mentions just how beautiful she is, just before inviting her over. It's then that the two men, each get a feel of her ass, prior to going on to other things. However next, Lutro would be positioned behind Mio, as they pull her panties aside, allowing each of them to play with, and finger her pussy. Mio then remains on her back, as she suck Lutro's cock. It continuing, until the guys are side by side on the bed. Mio would further work on Lutro's cock, prior to she the lying across Lutro's lap to suck off Yoshida as well. While this occurs, not only does Lutro finger Mio's pussy, he also penetrates it. Initially, he stays at his position, with she on his lap, before taking her from behind in doggy. This would lead he to full on straddle her from behind, and pound her deep, at a quick pace. As it progresses, it would continue with Mio lying flat, as we see more of a lazy dog variation of the position. Mio would next finds herself on her back, where at first, Lutro would again finger her. This, being prior to Yoshida finally getting her in missionary. It's from here, that he would fuck her at a steady pace. This as, Lutro simultaneously drops his cock and balls into Mio's mouth, before fucking her tits in reverse of her. Following this, missionary would be seen again, as Lutro fucks her hard. This would lead to the two men both having a turn at her from the cowgirl position. They would even alternate, going one after the other from the missionary position, as Mio is seen positioned at the edge of the bed. Lutro would then go on to fully straddle her from the front, as he pound his cock in. Both Lutro and Yoshida would do the same, as they both have a time to fuck her in reverse doggy. One final return to missionary would see Lutro fuck hard and fast, before finally pulling out to cum on Mio's pussy. Next up, Yoshida would do the same, as he to fuck hard in the same position, prior to he pulling out, and unloading himself.