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Iroha Hoshi : Restrained Maid Squirting Orgasms!

Length: 13:45
Publish Date: 1 April 2021

What does a man do when his boss leaves his maid unattended for he to play with? Well Pablo Ferrari would show us exactly what he would do, when he is faced with such a scenario here. He comes upon his boss, Mr. Sun's maid, Iroha Hoshi, as she lay across a table, bound at her wrists. Pablo is also greeted by a note left by his boss giving him free range to do whatever he wants with his maid's body. It's an opportunity that Pablo relishes in. It first begins, with he having Iroha spread her legs wide, as he go on to rub her pussy from over her panties. This of course, before he finally moves the panties aside, to thump at, and rub at her clit. However, it is sometime after this, that he gets out a series of sex toys that he wants to try out on Iroha. First, it being a it pink vibrating bullet. It's with this toy that he first shoves it into her mouth prior to going on to use it on her pussy. He makes Iroha squirm, as he trains it on her clit, just prior to going on and inserting it. This would graduate to he moving it in and out of her pussy at a quick pace. However, he is not done there, as next as he would introduce into play a vibrating dildo, equipped with a clit stimulator. Like before, he goes on to toy with Iroha's mouth prior to going downtown. It's another toy that he would work the clit with, prior to insertion. After this, the toy does magic for Iroha. Because not only does it penetrate her, it also rub her clit simultaneously. Soon enough from here. we see Pablo go on to move the in and out a very quick pace. It's his pacing that would see Iroha, come to several squirting orgasms. The third and final toy would be major, being that Pablo brings out an Hitachi wand. He would go on to tease her body with it, making his way down. He presses it against her stomach, as well as her thighs. This, prior to he going directly into things with authority, as he hit her pussy good. This would be another toy, that would eventually bring she to hard orgasm. It would be after such an orgasm that would finally bring the scene to an end with the maid, Iroha being so filled with pleasure!