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Yuzu:Maid-Interracial Threesome!

Length: 52:51
Publish Date: 13 June 2020

Lutro, a businessman returns from a trip, along with a friend that he had made on said trip in Yoshida. Upon returning home, the two of them find themselves greeted by Lutro's loyal maid, Yuzu. She is happy to see them and they, happy to see she. The two guys take a seat on the couch, as Yuzu brings them drinks. Lutro mentions just how tired they are after the long trip. However, that does not stop a horny Lutro from flirting with his attractive maid. With she eventually sitting on his lap. Although the two of them fuck on the regular, Yuzu finds herself quite embarrassed to be in such a state, in front of a stranger. However, Lutro does his best to calm her down, as he would eventually invite Yoshida to touch her as well. Eventually, the guys would get her white panties off, as they go on to play with her pussy, as she is busy sucking and toying with Lutro's cock. She would soon be on all fours, as Yoshida steadily fingers the pussy, while she herself, attends to Lutro's cock and balls, as he sit back on the arm of the couch. Lutro, for a short time, would squeeze his balls tightly, as Yuzu would lick and suck on them. However, he would next go down on Yuzu with his mouth and tongue on her pussy, as well as his fingers going in. It would next be missionary, with Lutro on his side as he thrust it in. Yoshido would get his turn in missionary, as Lutro straddles her face. Here, Yoshida keeps a good pace for missionary, and then doggy next. It would be during the latter that Lutro also once again attempts to feed Yuzu his balls, as he squeeze them. The doggy would continue next only with Lutro in place. It's from here, that he would fuck at a quick pace, and also use the lazy dog variety of the position. This would go briefly to side fuck, before the position changes to reverse cowgirl. It would be in this particular position, that Lutro would go on to fuck her hard, at a quick pace. She would then briefly go on to the next position in the standard cowgirl position before he take her from behind in doggy. This, as she continues to sucking jerk at  Lutro's cock. After this, she's ride Lutro in cowgirl, as he maintains his pace. He would next take Mio into missionary, where his hard fucking would soon lead him to cum, with him pulling out. Yoshida next, would also have she in missionary, where he'd too, fuck hard. However, he would be on to creampie Yuzu, for a nice finish.