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Mina Asahi:Japanese Geisha Anal Fuck Service!

Length: 57:56
Publish Date: 15 August 2021

Ichiro meets up with is favorite Geisha girl, Mina Asahi, as he is bound to deliver on a promise that he made to her. He has vowed to fuck her asshole. But with this said, Mina has some reservations. She's never done anal before! This exites Ichiro, who wants to be the first man to do so. However, Mina is afraid that it may hurt, However, Ichiro makes another promise, when he says that he will give her gentle anal love for her first time.  This does some to ease Mina, as things begin with Ichiro massaging her breasts from over her kimono. This is, to ease the tension he says. Mina would then however, get them out for him to do so. He would then go on to massage her clit that would become quickly swollen upon his touch. Ichiro would then go on to have a look at her asshole, prior to he having she get up on her knees to spread apart her ass for him, and it would be from there, that he would go on to surprise her, by massaging her anus with his thumb. This would be prior to he inserting a finger all the way in, and working it around. Additionally, he would also go on to use the aid of a vibrating bullet toy on her pussy, while continuing to manipulate her asshole with his fingers. Eventually, Mina would be positioned on her side, as she continues to use the toy on her clit, and as Ichiro continues to plug away with his pointer finger. This would go to he finger-banging the ass quickly, prior to employing the use of two fingers one on each hand, and then multiple on one. It would eventually continue with Mina again on all fours, before she is more upright to be fingered. Next, Mina sucking Ichiro's cock, would lead to 69, and then she riding his face from there. This would first be followed up by some vaginal sex first from missionary, and then from standup doggy against the wall. It would be after the latter that the anal sex, soon begins first in the doggy position. Initially, it begins with Ichiro straightaway fucking the ass, prior to fully straddling it, to continue to do so. It would be from here, that Ichiro would work from a slow pace, to a much quicker one. This, before the action would move on to reverse cowgirl. At the start, Mina would plant her feet, in order to bounce on the cock. However soon enough, she would be leaning back, to allow Ichiro, to pound her ass, deep and hard. Things would continue on from side fuck, and spoon, to missionary, and then on to front facing standing side fuck, and lastly standing cowgirl. This, before it is back on the floor, and inro reverse side fuck this time.It would be the final position from here, as Ichiro would continue to pump the ass, until he finally explode into it. Thus ending things with an anal creampie!