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Anal fucking in love hotel : Mina Kail × Rick Angel

Length: 52:36
Publish Date: 14 September 2020

Mina Kail explains via narration, that she is a computer engineer for a French company, and she has come to Tokyo for a conference on artificial intelligence. She says that she has quickly become friends with Rick Angel who vows to show her around town on her off days, serving as her personal tour guide. She explains that she and Rick have gotten close, and so they have explored the many options that Japan has to offer when it comes to hotels. Rick shows Mina a traditional love hotel for the two of them to stay. When they find their room, they are greeted by the inclusion of a Japanese kimono for Mina, and a traditional robe for Rick. Mina is excited about the kimono, and is quick to strip down to dress. It's during this time that Rick discovers that Mina actually has a surprise for him, too, as she has a buttplug in her ass. A detail that Rick seems to appreciate very much. It seems as though her kimono has made Mina quite frisky, as she is already touching and spreading her pussy for Rick. However, Rick goes on to one up here, as he surprises her with a huge buttplug for her to sit on, and that she does next. As she gape her ass with said toy, she would go on to also suck on Rick's cock and balls at the same time. Of course, this would eventually lead to Rick going on to not only pound her ass, but also her pussy, in a variety of positions, as he does so nice and hard. The action would also include Rick proceeding to finger Mina's ass until she squirt which is a first time for she. The action would finally end in the doggy position as Rick would creampie her, as he fill up Mina's pussy with his cum!