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Mio Shido:MILF's How to taste the Cock

Length: 17:27
Publish Date: 1 November 2021

In this blowjob scene featuring Shun Sakuragi, Japanese MILF, Mio Shido, shows us how it's done, as she suck the cock from the 69 position with she on top. This, while facing the camera. She begins by spitting on the shaft, prior to she taking it down her throat nicely. This, as she continues to use the spit as a natural lubricant. Meanwhile, during this, there are times that we see Shun shoving Mio's head down, in order to make she take it deeply. We would also see she continue to apply more of the wet stuff. We also see Shun fuck her face, prior to the camera moving to a side angle, as Mio continues. From this view, Mio continues to do the same. Jerking the cock with her mouth, as she make it extra wet. She would take it deeply down her throat, and when he would want to test her, we would see Shun push her head down again, either with his hands, or with his leg wrapped around her neck and pushing down. However, it would be after a period of time, that the camera, would once again return to the straightaway view of Mio sucking cock. From this view, she continues to take it down deeply, as the saliva itself continues to pile on. Because of this, everything is extra sloppy. The scene would come to an end, as Shun continue to push her head down. This, as he soon produces a load directly into Mio's mouth for the finish!