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Ginebra Bellucci:Nun-Monster Fuck#2

Length: 41:33
Publish Date: 1 July 2020

Ginebra Bellucci is a nun, who doesn't exactly walk the straight and narrow path that a nun should. In fact she has very obsessive, sexually charged nightmares, such as this. In this nightmare, Ginebra finds herself surrounded by an octopus like monster. One not endowed, with ordinary tentacles, but ones that are penile. Multiple penis like tentacles that are hungry for the penetration of pussy. Here we see the tentacles sniff Ginebra our, as they work themselves up so much so that all soon ejaculate on her. This, leaving her nice and wet, as she eventually uncover her pussy, thus, exciting the monster. It's during this that Ginebra is in the clutches of a man with deformed, tentacled hands (Monster Katoh), who holds her in his embrace, as the tentacles monster continues to explore her body. It is soon, going on to penetrate her, as she continues to suck the other penis tentacles. As things continue, Ginebra would dress down a little bit more, as she then assume the position on all fours. This, allowing the tentacles to penetrate her from behind, while Ginebra continuing to suck. It also including the deformed man's cock. As this goes on, we see the tentacles continue to spray their jizz all over Ginebra. This would continue on for more as we next see Ginebra sit upright once again. From here is a man with the deformed hands, opens up her pussy, to allow the tentacles inside. After this we would finally see the deformed man, Monster Katoh, go down on Ginebra for a brief time. It would be brief because soon his cock would go in as he then fuck her in missionary/side fuck. It being prior to the doggy position, where he would toy with the pussy, where he would alternate between penetrating it with the monster's tentacles, and his cock. The next position would be cowgirl, as Ginebra climbs on top to be fucked hard by Katoh. After this a return to the missionary/side fuck like before, only this time with Katoh fucking harder. Ginebra would then next the in the doggy position as the man with the tentacled hands fucks her hold with the tentacles that of the monster. It would then take things to the spoon position where we again see Katoh fuck hard. The monster close tentacles exploding in jizz, just as the two get going with the fast fucking. After going on to stuff her pussy full of tentacle in a masturbatory fashion, Katoh, would again take up fucking Ginebra in the missionary position. It lasting until he works himself up to climax, this, as he would then tug at his cock, until popping on her face. This of course would be followed up by the tentacled monster doing the same. as things come to a finish.