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Kyoko Makise:Nurse-Interracial Threesome!

Length: 51:46
Publish Date: 1 July 2020

Taking place in a hospital, we have two patients, Rick Angel and Kato. Kato is very sick, and turning pale. Rick calls upon Kyoko Makise, the nurse for help. She's quick to respond, as Kato complains of stomach pains, also saying that the pains extend to his chest. Kyoko, is quick to say that the man has a disease, of which she is unauthorized to speak about. This, despite his pleas. Kato is then convinced, that he is on the edge of dying, and so he has but one final wish. He wants Kyoko to let him fuck her. Kyoko is initially hesitant, but Kato promises to keep it a secret. He also promises his villa in Indonesia to her, as well. Eventually, Kyoko would agree to his request. Things begin with some kissing, as well as Kyoko having her uniform unzipped to reveal that she is wearing nothing underneath but a pair of panties. It isn't long during this, that they are approached by Kato's roommate, Rick Angel, who soon gets invited to join in. Rick would then move Kyoko's panties aside to first finger her. Kato would then do the same as Kyoko is on all fours, as she then suck Rick's cock. However, it would be after this, that we would see Rick go on to finger the pussy hard as Kyoko remain in this position. The end result would be she squirting everywhere. It's after this, that for a time, we see she trade off on sucking both of the mens' cocks. This would then be followed up by Rick taking Kyoko into missionary. This lasting until it eventually transitions to spoon with Rick going on to fuck her hard and fast. Next up, she would eventually find herself in reverse cowgirl with Kato, as she continues to suck on Rick's cock. However, next Rick would once again have her fucking in missionary, as her legs are spread wide, as he thrust forward. The next position would see Kyoko climb on top of cowgirl. Kato is also sure to have his cock near her mouth for she to suck upon. The position would then reverse as Kyoko is then seen fucked in reverse cowgirl, like before, Rick increases his pacing go hard. This being until she is next seen climbing on top of Kato for standard cowgirl. It's from there, that she plants her feet firmly on the bed, to slam herself down hard on it. This lasting for a time, until Rick once again take her from behind for doggy, as he fully straddle her ass to pound it in deep and hard. This would then be followed up by Kato taking her from behind as well, in the standard formation of doggy. As things would continue here, Kyoko would find herself bent over a bedside hospital table, as Kato continues to fuck her. This would be followed up by Kyoko being on her back, on the bedside table. This, as Rick go down on her with his mouth first, prior to he fingering her hard, once again. This would go on to show Rick fucking her in missionary, as well. After this, the action takes us to the bed, as Kato then plows the pussy in reverse piledriver. This being before Rick would once again take her in missionary, where he would eventually straddle her front to plunging deeply. This, of course, continuing until he comes deep inside of Kyoko's pussy to fill her up. Kato would soon follow, as he too would fuck her hard in missionary until he pops inside of her also. This leaving her doubly stuffed, as the scene comes to an end with a double Creampie finish!