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Lika Star&Kaede Azuma:Nurse-Interracial Threesome!

Length: 52:39
Publish Date: 15 July 2020

This scene takes place at a hospital. where a virus outbreak is not their only problem. That's because, they also deal with in-fighting between doctors. At this hospital, Shun Sakuragi is a particular doctor, that is not well-liked. In fact, he is often labeled a "loser". He still exist in the hospital with lots of confidence for himself. However, his performance would prove otherwise, thus validating the claims of others. Case in point, is the latest patient, one Tortilla Suzuki, who went in for surgery. has now just came down with the dreaded virus. His way is so bad, that Shun doesn't quite know what to do. That is until he gets the idea to boost his patient's immune system, by undergoing a regimen that he believes in. That being, "food, sleep, and sex". Yes, he believes that a healthy dose of sex will perk him right up. So with this in mind, he approaches two lovely nurses in Lika Star, and Kaede Asuma to help out, and they gladly oblige.
Things begin with Lika approaching Tortilla with kisses, while Kaede removes his pants. However, all three of them would be soon exchanging passionate kisses between them. It's during, that the ladies get their tits out. They both sucking on Tortilla's nipples, prior to he having them stacked on top of each other, as he go after each of the respective pussies with his mouth. Lika on top, and Kaede on bottom. After this, he has Lika in 69, where he would continue to eat her pussy, and she suck his cock. Kaede would get a chance to ride the dick, as would Lika. However next, Lika would straddle Kaede's face, while Kaede, is fucked in missionary by Tortilla. However, Tortilla would soon come around the back to fuck Lika from behind in doggy. As it continue, we would eventually see Kaede straddle over Lika, for Tortilla to eat her pussy, as well prior to it being briefly reverse cowgirl. We would next see Tortilla, line the girls up side-by-side on all fours, as he would take time to fuck them both hard from behind. After this, Kaede would get it from doggy, as she is over Lika, who is on her back. It's from this setup, that he would alternate between both of the girls. We would then go on to see he have both girls in missionary, several times before having both of them in side fuck. The scene finishing out, with Lika being on her back to receive missionary once again, as Tortilla remains consistent, fucking her hard, at a quick pace, leading up to he filling of her pussy with a hot load. This being as, this interracial threesome comes to a very energetic end!