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Naomi Togo:Nurse-Interracial Threesome!

Length: 37:11
Publish Date: 13 June 2020

Ichiro, is a patient in the hospital, and he is in a pretty bad way. His doctor Lutro, as well as his nurse, Naomi Togo, have no idea how to help him. In fact, he is getting a lot worse. Both Lutro and Naomi are pretty much convinced that the patient will die. This causes Lutro to brainstorm, when he comes up with a clever idea of sexual stimulation. Lutro orders her to touch upon his crotch area, in order to try to wake him up, so to speak. However, they find that it is just not working. It's then that Lutro would suggest to Naomi that the two of them become a little more touchy, in hopes of arousing. This would continue to show Lutro to briefly bury his face into Naomi's ass. It would be enough to wake up the patient Ichiro, who comes out of his state of unconsciousness. It's then that the three of them keep things going, as they engage next, in a lively threesome. We see Naomi and Ichiro passionately kiss, as Lutro. is busy in the back, as he keep his pacing, as they then, both go on to feel of her tits, and then later her pussy. We next see Naomi work over both of the cocks, as she then go eventually to alternate between the two, giving both of them equal attention. After this, Ichiro, finds himself in the position of missionary, It's from this position that he continues with a steady pace. The two men would eventually switch places, us Lutro is the next to take her in missionary. But it's from here, that we would see the action soon go to side fuck, and then transitioning to spoon after. It's in this position that we see Lutro continue hard. And speaking of hard, the next position is reverse cowgirl, as Naomi ride Ichiro. It's during this that we see Ichiro proceed to slam her down hard. This, as she continues to work on Lutro's cock. Ichiro would then carry her, as it is to standing reverse cowgirl. However, during this, she's passed to Lutro, as it is now standing cowgirl. This is brief, as Lutro sits Naomi down on the bed to fuck her hard in missionary. He eventually fully straddling her, as she is folded up and drilled. Ichiro takes over in the position briefly. Until things pick back up in missionary for him. However, next we would see double penetration, as Naomi is on top of Ichiro, and as Lutro take she from behind. This would last for a time, as she receives double the cock. The next position would see Naomi climb atop Lutro to be fucked hard and fast. His next position would be briefly in missionary, before Ichiro would take over, as he lay on his side and thrust it in, at a quick and hard face. A moment of reverse piledriver would follow, as Lutro is able to get in deep from said position. He would even sit on Naomi's face to allow her to suck on his balls . However, it would be soon back to missionary for Lutro, and it would be the final time, as he would go on to fuck until he come deep inside of Naomi. Ichiro would then follow up by doing the same, from the same position, leaving Naomi's pussy full and stuffed, as she receives a double dose of creampie!