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Elika:Nurse's Concerns and Black Doctor's Big Dick Treatment!

Length: 34:49
Publish Date: 1 March 2021

It's after-hours at the hospital, and  Elika is not feeling well. She says that she has been all kinds of out of sorts lately. That is what she tells Tony, a trusted doctor of the facility. Elika really has no clue as to what could be causing her discomfort. It would be then, that Tony goes on to look her over with his stethoscope, checking her pulse and then her heart rate. But Tony says he must take a closer look at her chest. In a quite surprising move, Elika chooses to get her tits out, making it even more difficult for the doctor. Tony can't help himself but to get a feel of them. It's then after, that he asks Elika to lie back on the table, where Tony would continue to conduct closer examination. Eventually, he gets Elika out of her clothes, where he continue by massaging her inner thighs and then later her pussy, once her panties are removed. He really never comes to a scientific conclusion. But in a conclusion of his own, he believes that what she needs it's just a big black cock, and of course. he has one for her!