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Mio Shido : Office Worker-Interracial Threesome!

Length: 51:08
Publish Date: 14 August 2020

Mio Shido and Tortilla Suzuki are both office workers who are hard at work. However, Tortilla soon brings up a conversation that the company has a brand new boss, he is a foreigner from the Czech Republic. The two of them are not quite sure how they will be able to communicate with him seeing as he does not speak Japanese. However, with that said the two of them are soon surprised by the new boss himself Lutro, who comes into introduce himself, and also check out their progresses for the day. He says that the both of them are doing great. Lutro also goes on to state that with him in charge everybody is now a team. Somehow, the conversation diverts as he says that he has a way for them to have a good time. Needless to say, the new boss kicks off an interracial threesome between the two. They both begin by sucking on Mio's big tits. However, it's not long before the cocks are out. She would soon trade-off on sucking both of them, but it's brief. That's because next Tortilla takes Mio from behind in doggy, as she would suck on Lutro at the time. Next up, Tortilla would straddle her chest to fuck her tittles, while Lutro would enter her in missionary. This would soon go to side fuck, as Mio is then on her side. This, as she continues to suck Tortilla off. After this, she would ride Tortilla in cowgirl, prior to she being fucked from behind in doggy. Next, Mio would return to riding Tortilla, only this time it is in reverse cowgirl, as she keeps her mouth busy by also sucking on Lutro. The two guys then alternate, as they go on to straddle Mio's face to fuck it, while the other does so in missionary, Lutro would get Mio in both reverse and standard cowgirl. The guys would also trade places as the fuck her from behind. This prior to Lutro having her in missionary. However, the position of the missionary would be for both guys, as they go one after the other. Lutro is the one to first cum inside of her, it happening in this position. While Tortilla on the other hand, does so after another round of doggy. The scene then comes to an end with Mio being absolutely stuffed with the cum of a stranger, as well as her office partner!