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Lika Star : Traditional Japanese Inn-Interracial Creampie!

Length: 39:52
Publish Date: 30 September 2020

Lika. at the start, is just relaxing and bathing in the Japanese Onsen in the nude, prior to finding herself approached by Ichiro, who happens to remember she from a previous time at the onsen. An occasion where he got sort of naughty with another guest. Ichiro is quite happy to see her again, this as the two of them strike up a conversation that would see Lika, say a few choice words in Japanese. They being "dick", "pussy" and "creampie". Yes it would seem that Lika is quite obsessed with the idea of getting her pussy filled with cum. In fact, that makes Ichiro quite excited. From here, things move quite quickly as Lika eventually allows Ichiro to go down on her, right then and there, in the Onsen. Ichiro is determined, as he go after the pussy underwater. Both, as he go in between her legs and then, at her backside, as Lika is on her stomach. She would then briefly return the favor by sucking his cock. But it is at this point, that Ichiro decides to take Lika back to his room. It's there, that Ichiro would go down on her after some passionate kissing, this leading he to fuck her in the missionary position and more. It all ending quite ideally for both of them, as Lika would be rewarded with the very creampie that she wanted. It definitely being a great vacation souvenir for the traveler!