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Lika Star : Onsen-Interracial Creampie!

Length: 34:04
Publish Date: 14 August 2020

It's a beautiful day in Japan, as Ichiro is relaxing in a Japanese Onsen. He enjoys the water, saying that it "feels like heaven". However, little did he know that he would soon come in contact with a Ukrainian angel, in the form of Lika Star, who would come in and sit next to him in the water. Ichiro is quick to inform she of two things. One: you are not supposed to enter the Onsen with your clothes on. Lika herself, is wearing a Japanese robe, while she has got in the water. He also tells her that this particular Onsen is one designated for males only, and that there is one for females nearby. All of this seems to not bother Lika, who quickly strips down out of her robe, and gets comfortable. Ichiro is of course amazed by Lika's tight body, his concentration especially moving down to her bald pussy. He is fascinated that she has no hair down there. The two of them soon becoming playful, even throwing water on each other. It's this playfulness that soon gets them in the mood for sex. The two begin by kissing passionately, and Ichiro follows up by sucking on her toes. Ichiro first insert himself in the doggy position, but then it's to missionary, as the movement makes splashing in the water. She would also go on to ride in cowgirl, both as Ichiro sits upright, and then on his back Lika then decides to get on top for 69. It's brief because next, Ichiro is in charge, as he take Lika into both standing reverse cowgirl and standing cowgirl. We would then see Ichiro next fuck her in doggy briefly, and then in standing side fuck. After this, Lika sucks cock, prior to they making another return to doggy. And then it's lastly missionary in two stages. One, as Lika is sitting upright on the edge of the Onsen, and also as she lie on her back. It's during the latter we would see Ichiro nicely straddle her front to get his cock in deeply. However, he would soon continue at a fast pace. This, until reaching his climax, as he give Lika a nice creampie!