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Kei Nakamura:Schoolgirl-Interracial Threesome!

Length: 45:43
Publish Date: 31 July 2020

Kei Nakamura, is a Japanese schoolgirl, who is working hard to get her work done. However, she has found a problem that she just cannot solve. Luckily for her, in comes her teacher Lutro, who is happy to help her. In fact, he answers the question himself. It's then that Kei, the young girl, goes on to confess her love for her teacher. Lutro is flattered, to say the least. He's even willing to entertain the idea. That's if things between them only occur after school. It's a cool development for Kei, But soon, she would come face to face with a real-life problem, when another one of her teachers, Ichiro, confronts her. It turns out that Kei told him the very same thing. She told him also that she loves him. This, is when she finds herself in a love triangle. It would all come to a head, after school, because both men have arranged she to meet Kei during that time. Lutro is the first there. But soon enough would come Ichrio as well, and it is almost like a bidding war, as the two teachers try to get Kei to choose between them. But obviously, it is a difficult choice for her, as she has love for both men. The men are of course, confused. However, Lutro seems to have a solution to the problem. Why can't she just enjoy both me at the same time?? It's a question finally answered by Kei, as she go on to surrender herself to her two beloved teachers. They would of course, first open up her blouse to show her tits, and also lick on them. After, the tits were the focus, It's then her crotch as Lutro would go to tongue at the pussy. After this, Kei would play with both of her teachers' cocks, both stroking and sucking. However, things would get started in missionary, as Lutro teases the pussy, as he jab it in slowly, and pull out. Ichiro would also cram his dick into her mouth, briefly. This before the two men trade places. It would be now Ichiro, who fucks her pussy in missionary. He even going on to fully straddle her front, in order to get it in deep. We then briefly see 69, as Lutro eat pussy, as Kei has a mouthful of his balls. The next thing is that Lutro is seated in a chair as he is behind Kei. It would be here, that he would thrust forward to slam his cock into the pussy. It's after, that they would turn her around, as Ichiro then has his opportunity to fuck the pussy from behind. However, things would get interesting next, as Lutro has Kei standing in the chair, as she bend down. This, as he goes on to absolutely nail the pussy good and hard. It's something that Lutro would keep up for the next position, which would be sidesaddle. Following this, Ichiro would have a moment with standing cowgirl as he lift Kei up to pound her. We would then see cowgirl from the chair involving Lutro. And it's after, that she sucks cock, that we then see her fucked from behind by both men, as they double penetrate her pussy! After this we, see Kei placed on the floor, as she is on all fours. It's from, here that the men fill up an end. First it is Ichiro in the pussy, and Lutro in the mouth before they switch places for a brief period of time. Kei finds herself on her back, while she is placed on top of the desk by Lutro, who hikes up her skirt, he goes into missionary from here, and he would continue on until he shoots his load into Kei. Next up, Ichiro would do the same as he fuck the pussy hard, until he himself explodes inside of her. This ending things with an interracial double creampie finish!