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Lika Star:Schoolgirl-Interracial Creampie!

Length: 34:38
Publish Date: 1 June 2020

Lika is a foreign High School student in Japan, who studies very hard, And has adapted to living in Japan, quite nicely. This is noticed by her teacher, Horio, who comes upon she after class, to find that she is studying in her downtime. He is quick to praise Lika for this. He goes on to ask she what she wants to do upon graduation. Lika says that it is her goal to help people in some way. It's during when the two continue to converse, that has Horio come to notice that via a Japanese friend, Lika has picked up a little bit of Japanese. Horio, is quite surprised. However, not as surprised as she would be next, when Lika go on to recite two other Japanese words that she has learned. The words for "creampie" and "dick". "Naka-dashi", and "Dikku", respectively. Horio, as a teacher is quite taken aback. This, as he tells Lika, that she mustn't use such words. He feels as though she may have said the two words by mistake. But, as it turns out, she very well knows what she meant. This, as she go on to insinuate that the two of them could "help" each other sexually. It's a proposal that catches Horio off guard. As her teacher, he just does not know how to handle it. However, on the other hand, he sees it as quite the opportunity. The temptation being just too much for him, as he would give in to Lika's desires,. It soon leading into a sexual encounter between teacher and student. One ending with a creampie!