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Kei Nakamura&Mina Asahi : School-Blowjob

Length: 12:43
Publish Date: 31 August 2020

Mina Asahi is a beautiful teacher, who is attempting to relay a lesson to two students; Kei Nakamura and Itoh. While Kei looks to be taking in the lesson, as she study, it's Itoh who is quite the opposite. He can't seem to concentrate, and so, Mina attempts to get to the bottom of the situation. As it turns out, Itoh just get stop thinking about his teacher. He tells Mina. that she is beautiful. Mina should be flattered, but she's not. In fact, she wants to make sure that he concentrates. And how to do that? None other then relieving of the sexual tension by sucking his dick! However, it would not just be the teacher, as Kei would join in too!`Mina has Itoh lie back against a desk, as she and Kei go on to explore. They find his boner, and soon get it out to suck it. Kei is first to get her tongue on it, but soon Mina is sucking on it, as Kei has Itoh's balls in her mouth. They would go on to trade of, and share the cock. But it's the two girls stroking Itoh at the same time, that is the approach that would make him cum!