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Mone Kamiki:Schoolgirl-Interracial Creampie!

Length: 33:14
Publish Date: 13 June 2020

Mone Kamiki stays after class with her teacher, Pablo Ferrari. Unfortunately, she has a difficult time paying paying attention to the lesson that he attempts to go over. Pablo is quick to notice this, and above all else, it really frustrates him, to the point that he confronts his student. Mone is found laughing, which only frustrates her teacher that much more. It's then that Pablo comes to the assumption that there is only one thing left to do, and that is to deal out some sexual punishment. It's then, that Pablo goes on to bend Mone over the desks, lift up her skirt, and spank her. However, it is here that he comes to discover her nice round ass, and soon enough, he has his face buried into it, and then his cock out for she to suck. It's from here, that we see Mone worship the foreigner cock of her teacher, by taking it deep into her throat. We would also see Pablo toy with her mouth, as he pop his cock in and out of her mouth. He also fucks her face, prior to taking her from behind and the doggy position, where he would fuck Mone at an increasing pace. The doggy position would continue, with Mone propping her right leg up on a desk, and then later, she climbing on top of the desks to position herself on her knees. Both alterations allowing Pablo to go that much deeper in with his cock. We then see missionary/side fuck with Mone on her back. She would next, however go back to sucking Pablo's cock. It's during this, that we see Pablo do something interesting, as he wrap Mone's pigtails around his cock while she continue to suck on it. After this, we see Mone climb on top of cowgirl. It's from here that initially she has her feet planted firmly on the desks, as she slam herself down. However, it isn't long, before I will once again takes charge. He fucks at a quick pace, prior to just thrusting his cock in several times. This would be followed up by Mone, once again planting her feet. Only this time, Pablo would reciprocate with a quick pace. The next position would be spoon. And it would be a position where Mone has her legs held open, as well as held together tightly. Both, seeing Pablo dig in deeply. After spoon is done, we then see some side fuck, as Mone he has her back facing the camera. It's from here that Pablo continues with a steady pace. However, this would be brief, as Mone is next on her stomach, as Pablo has her from behind. During this, he lifting up the bottom half of her body off of the desk, and into the air, as he continue to plow her from behind. The action would then finish up as they make a return to doggy with Mone's right leg, once again propped up on the desk. This, allowing Pablo to go deep. From here, he maintains a steady pace, until he must cum. Pablo then does so deep inside of her, as the scene comes to a close with a creampie finish!