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Mina Asahi:Teacher-Interracial Threesome!

Length: 38:06
Publish Date: 15 July 2020

Mina Asahi and Ichiro, have recently been enjoying a secret love affair behind closed doors. Or at least Ichiro has been. That's because his lover, Mina seems to have grown tired of him. In fact, she has found new love in another teacher, one Lutro. It's information that Ichiro struggles to take. He just will not accept it, saying that she promised that the two of them would get together and have sex. This as he attempts to force Mina to bend over. However, it is at that very moment, that in walks Lutro, the other man in this equation. It makes Ichiro really angry as he tries to plead his case with his beloved Mina. But, Mina pretty much has settled on Lutro as her lover. Ichiro looks for an answer. Is Lutro's dick really that good? Better than his? He goes as far as to get a ruler out, as he wants the both of them to measure up. Before this could occur however, the two men soon have their dicks out, as thy push Mina to stroke both cocks at once. This is followed up by she going on to also administer blowjobs for both men. It's after this, that the men come to terms and agree that they should both fuck Mina. This beginning things, as they suck on Mina's tits jointly. It would continue to show Mina give a teasing footjob, with her black high heels, as she rub one along Lutro's balls for a time. She would however be on all fours, as she next go on to suck Lutro's cock. This, while Ichiro is busy eating her pussy from the underneath. Lutro would have Mina in missionary, prior to she being fucked hard in doggy by both men. This would eventually go to front facing standing side fuck, in which, both guys again participate. There is even a brief moment of double penetration! Next up, we would see each Ichiro get his turn in the missionary position as he maintains the quick and hard pace. It would be immediately following this. That Lutro folds Mina up to fuck her in a piledriver briefly. After this, she would go on to ride Lutro, as he takes his seat in a chair. After this, the action would then return to the table, as Lutro once again goes for missionary. This is followed by Ichiro taking her from behind for doggy. After this is done, Lutro takes things into spoon. This is where he would go on to once again hammer the pussy hard. Also hard is Ichiro's fucking in the reverse cowgirl position to follow. After this, there is some titty fucking, followed by Ichiro lifting Mina up in the chair. Her legs are spread wide, as Lutro from here, deeply fingers pussy at a quick pace. Missionary would once again be seen, as Lutro fuck until he blows his load deep inside of Mina. Ichiro however, would be next as he would do the same. After picking Mina up, and fucking her in standing cowgirl.