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Nami Amami : Teacher-Interracial Creampie! #2

Length: 31:51
Publish Date: 31 August 2020

Here, Andy Stone, confesses his love for his teacher, Nami Amami, as the two of them quickly go at it. Passionate kissing leads Andy to unbutton Nami's blouse, as he would then proceed to suck on her tits, prior to caressing her body. He would then go on remove her pantyhose, prior to worshiping her feet, as he suck on her toes. After this, he would go on to move her panties aside to go down on her with his tongue and mouth. He would also go on to rub at the clit with his fingers. Both as she lie on her back, and as she sit upright, with he behind her. Eventually Amami, would suck on Andy's nipples, before she suck on his cock. It's here, that we would see Andy lightly fuck Nami's face, and also she suck on his balls. This, before the action go to 69. It's from this position, that we get footage of both Andy eating pussy and Nami sucking cock. It's following this that we would see Nami briefly ride his face, while Andy continues to eat pussy. It's action that would lead into Nami straddling the dick for reverse cowgirl. From the position, she sits upright, as Andy fucks at a rather quick pace. It would be a pace that would continue, as Nami goes on to plant her feet on the bed. The next position which is doggy, sees Andy half straddle Nami from behind. After this position he would go on to treat the pussy again to his fingers and tongue, before Nami would be again be on her back, for he to suck on her tits. Things would however, soon progress, with Nami straddling him for cowgirl next. Again, it is a position that sees Andy fuck hard and fast. It would be also another position that would have Nami ride Andy's face right after. The next position would be missionary, with Andy taking charge. Missionary would lead the scene into its final positioning, a quick return to cowgirl, where Andy would fuck hard and fast in the beginning, leading up to its climax in the end.