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Iroha Hoshi:Security Guard-Blowjob

Length: 9:30
Publish Date: 15 July 2020

Iroha Hoshi, is a female security guard who is patrolling each of the rooms of the hospital. That is when she comes across a bizarre discovery. In one of the rooms, is a man(Machida). A very strange one indeed, seeing as she catches him an act of masturbation. He also seems a bit delirious, when Iroha confronts him, and asks him to leave. When he will not budge, Iroha says that she will call the police. It's then that the strange individual, goes on to agree to go with the police however, he says that he will cooperate with she, only if Iroha lets him, first ejaculate. She agrees. But when Iroha sees that the man is having a bit of trouble achieving his goal, she decides to join in, to speed up the process. It's from there, that Machida, lies flat on his back, as Iroha gets to work on his cock. It's almost for a full 10 minutes, that she put in good work on the dick, stroking and sucking simultaneously, before eventually pursuing a stroke pattern, that would soon send Machida over the edge. This, as he then explodes right into Iroha's hand. It's afterward that she shows him the evidence: her cum-drenched hand. It's then of course, that Iroha would lead him away, just as he agreed.