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Iroha Hoshi:Security Guard-Japanese Creampie!

Length: 43:50
Publish Date: 1 June 2020

Iroha Hoshi Is a train security guard, who is making her morning patrol, when she herself, comes across a startling discovery. That being a man unconscious, in Ichiro. Iroha does her best in order to try to revive the man. Initially, it seems to not be working. but, after some time, she is able to successfully bring him back life. Ichro wakes up stunned, saying that he has apnea, and that he is in fact, is outpatient receiving treatments. Ichiro is extremely grateful for she finding him and also saving his life, and for that he wants to repay her. Iroha hesitates with this, but after some time she agrees to allow Ichiro to give her massage, seeing as she does have a stiff shoulder on account of her job. Due to the fact that she has to stand a lot. With that Ichiro starts. but of course, soon his concentration goes elsewhere, and soon he is sucking on Iroha's nipples, as well as fingering her. Eventually, it would be from behind, that Ichiro continues to do this, reaching into her panties. However, when they come off, Ichiro has Iroha, sit back in a seat, and spread her pussy for him. This, is as the camera treats us to some extreme closeups. It's during this, that Ichiro would go on to rub at her clit with his finger slowly, before eventually picking up the pace in this. Next up however, Iroha would tease Ichiro's cock, prior to it being out for she to suck. She does so, and also sucks on his balls, as well. However, soon enough, Ichiro would go on to straddle, and her fuck her face for a time. It would be after this, that the two would go into missionary. First, as Iroha would sit back in one of the bus seats. Ichiro would go on from here to maintain a steady pace of in and out, at a slower speed. He would eventually lean in, to also suck on her tits. The missionary would continue with Iroha soon sitting upright, as she continue to take the dick. The next position would be doggy. It would be here that, Ichiro work himself up to a fast and hard pace from the position. However, following this, we would see a brief moment of standing reverse cowgirl, immediately followed by standing side fuck. After this, we would see standard cowgirl, where Iroha would initially plant her feet to slam down, prior to she continuing this position with her legs spread wide. It would be another brief stop in doggy from the floor, following this. This time, prior to it being standing front-facing side fuck for a time, before it's then briefly back to missionary, lasting until Ichiro would finally reach his climax, losing his load deep inside of the security guard Iroha! After, we see Ichiro's character again, pass out from extreme exhaustion. Of course again causing concern.