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Mone Kamiki:Security Guard-Japanese Creampie!

Length: 44:31
Publish Date: 31 July 2020

Mone Kamiki is a security guard, who is patrolling her building, when she just so happens to find a young man in Tortilla Suzuki, who is squatting in one of the vacant rooms. She approaches him respectively, but matter-of-factly, as she tells him that he must evacuate the premises. However, as Tortilla would explain, he has no other place to go, as his family has kicked him out of the house. He simply just came into the building to stay out of the cold weather, and to keep warm. He goes on to tell Mone, that he has no one. Not even a girlfriend. This is he soon follows up, by asking Mone if she could stay with them for a while, and keep him company. Mone he is hesitant, as she must keep with her work, but Tortilla is persistent, saying that it won't be a long period of time. She eventually agrees to stay and keep him company, and as you can imagine, one thing soon leads to another, between the two. Tortilla needs the warm touch of a woman, and so Mone gives him that. Kissing soon leads to talk to sucking on her nipples, and going down on her, in between her legs. It's after this, that Mone does reciprocate by sucking his hard cock. It would be brief however, because she would go on to ride his face, just before we see the two of them go into 69. It would be after that, that Mone would go on to sit on the cock for cowgirl. It's from this position, that she first slam herself down, before we later see she grind on the cock. The doggy would be next soon after, as Tortilla takes Mone from behind. However, it is from this position that we see Mone first, rock back on the cock. But eventually, Tortilla does give back. Even fully straddling she from behind to give it to her deeply. He would keep up a similar pace next, as the action then go to spoon. Following this position, Mone would briefly again suck cock, prior to Tortilla's going down on her, leads them to missionary. It would happen in the straightaway for some time, before we see Mone and Tortilla, take an upright position as they hug close to one another, as Tortilla continues to thrust. They then return to doggy, this time with Mone standing up on the bed, and bending over, as she grab onto to the headboard rail of the bed. It's from here, that the camera treats us to a great underneath and straightaway point of view, as Tortilla fucks pussy hard. The next position would be missionary, once again. It's position that eventually sees Tortilla half straddle the front to go deep. However, he would continue in the straightaway until things were finally at its boiling point. It's then that Tortilla lets his hot load go deep into Mone's pussy, finishing things with a creampie!