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Non : Sex Cyborg-Interracial Creampie!

Length: 52:55
Publish Date: 31 August 2020

Non awakens in a cell, as she notices that something is quite different about her. She has no idea how she got there, or how she has changed. However, soon she would have questions answered, when she is approached by a masked man(Shun Sakuragi). He says that she has been converted into a cyborg. However, not just any cyborg. A sex cyborg. One that has not only been specialized for combat, but also for sex. In fact, one of the disadvantages of she now being a sex cyborg, is that if she does not have sex, she will die. After telling her this information, the masked man also goes on to introduce she to an arms dealer that has come from the Czech Republic. Lutro has a keen interest in her. He wants to purchase Non. However, first she must undergo a series of tests. First, Lutro looks over Non's body to ensure quality. He likes what he sees and feels. However, she must now participate in a test to see she if she's combat ready. A little later, the masked man hands Non a katana. And it is a weapon that she is hesitant to use. However, she finds that a set of skills naturally comes to her very miraculously, as she is able to fend off Luto in a fight. Lutro after the fact, immediately takes her into the next test and that being the test to see how well she performs sexually. From the start, Lutro's focus is Non's crotch, as he mouth at it from over her suit. He even hoisting her up to really get his face in it. Lutro would continue to feel her up, as they go to the bed. This, before he finally rips open the suit, to really go at her with his tongue and mouth. Returning the favor she would soon suck Lutro's cock. This, before the first position on the bed would be spoon, followed by cowgirl, missionary and then a return to spoon. This, before it's doggy with Lutro first-half straddling from behind, prior to going on to fully straddle to fuck deeply. This would be followed up by a return to standard cowgirl, and then lastly missionary, where Lutro would partially shoot his load into Non for the finish!