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Sex Cyborg Kyoko Makise:Final adjustment of orgasm

Length: 13:30
Publish Date: 31 January 2021

The Sex Cyborg model number: 00889- Kyoko Makise, is still in the care of her owner, gun trafficker, Lutro, who now looks to put her through one final test. She has been tested for her sword fighting skills, as well as her skill for sex. That including, receiving a creampie from a partner. With that out of the way, Lutro has but one more test for her, and that is her durability, when it comes to withstanding multiple orgasms. To test this, he puts Kyoko through four separate levels of orgasm training. With level one, we see penetration via Lutro placing a vibrating toy into Kyoko's pussy. One that is to be controlled via the opposite end of a wired click button. Here, we see Lutro massage the clit with the toy, prior to it going inside. However, it's after that fact, that she has not only the toy stimulating her, but also Lutro's hand, as it rubs, at an increasing pace. After Kyoko manages to achieve orgasm, Lutro then move onto the next toy - a vibrating dildo with massager and a circulating head. It's a toy that Lutro initially inserts slowly, until he soon goes on to stroke the pussy, as he moves in and out, at a quick succession. It soon causing her to cum hard. The next test consists of Lutro using his fingers, as well as his mouth and tongue, as he proceeds to go down on Kyoko's pussy, for some manual stimulation. Initially, Lutro has his mouth and fingers working in tandem, before it is only his fingers that work, as they quickly slam into Kyoko's pussy, leading to she reaching another orgasm. It would be following this, that it is on to one final step involving the use of an Hitachi vibrating massager. It's with this, that Lutro's focus is Kyoko's clit. This, as he concentrates training the toy on the area. The result in the end, being that Kyoko finishes with another hard climax. It's then that everything is now complete. Having withstood all of the gratification tests, Lutro of course now believes that Sex Cyborg Kyoko, Is ready for use out in the field.