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Melody Marks:Sex Cyborg-Interracial Creampie!

Length: 38:34
Publish Date: 1 July 2020

Melody Marks has been transformed into a sex cyborg, created for combat and pleasure. She is one with the most desirable body. Unfortunately however, for she to survive she must have sex. A side effect of her transformation, is that her body is much more sensitive than before. And so she aches without sex. We find her in a bad way, and much in need of that pleasure. Luckily for her she is soon approached by a masked man, Horio, who looks to remedy her problem. The two beginning with passionate kissing, which quickly leads to Horio rubbing at Melody's sensitive clit. This is followed up by he going down on her with his mouth and tongue, prior to Melody being on all fours, it's here that he would also go on to tongue at Melody's ass and pussy respectively. He even works a couple fingers into both holes at separate times. After this, Melody would return the favor by sucking the cock. She tongues at the head, and slurps the shaft. It would be followed up by the man straddling Melody's chest to fuck her face, and then her nice tits. it all leading up to he fucking her in the missionary position. It's here that oriole works up a steady pace of fucking. One that would eventually lead him to pinning Melody's legs back, as he drill her American hole, with his Japanese cock. It lasts for a time until they decide to take things that the doggy. Horio standing stationary, as he allow melody to slam back into his dick. After this he goes around to the other side of the cell, where Melody would suck him off through the bars, as well as turnaround to allow Horio to fuck her from behind. It would be next that he would return to the inside the cell, as he then straddle melody from the front, as he go on to pound his cock into her deeply. We then see 69, followed by both reverse cowgirl and standard cowgirl. Melody riding the dick hard both positions. It would be doggy soon to follow, and it is a position where Horio would progressively increase his pacing to drill her hard. Missionary would be next as a return to the position which sees melody on her back with her legs spread. This is one position that sees melody both flat on her back and with her legs held to the side, wit Horio fucking her hard during all. Lastly she is flat on her back as Horio continues to fuck hard until he cum, letting it goes deeply inside of Melody, for an interracial creampie finish!