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Melody Marks : Sex Cyborg-Sword Action & Interracial Creampie! #2

Length: 53:04
Publish Date: 30 September 2020

In this scene Melody Marks sex cyborg model number 00818, has just recently been converted from a normal female, to that of a cyborg. She awakens in a cell alone, not knowing how and when she got there, or even why. However, it would be soon that a masked mastermind(Shun Sakaragi) would clue her in on all the details involving what exactly is going on. He is quick to tell her that she is now a cyborg, one that depends on sex to survive. He would explain to Melody just why that her body is sensitive to the touch. On that note, the masked man would go on to give Melody a full body inspection, as he feel of her body, especially in the vicinity of her breasts. It's an inspection that she passes. The man would then want to go on to the next test. One involving hand-to-hand combat. she is handed a sword, but she tells the man that she is unable to fight. But the man assures her that she will. For the battle, the man has put she up against a male cyborg in Tortilla Suzuki. In the first round, Tortilla is successful in taking Melody down, as she was not exactly defending herself. However, in the next round, it would be an entirely different story, as she would get the upper hand. Not only in this round, but the final one as well. It proving that she is a superior entity now. The man is really happy about her combat skills, and now he wants to move on to the most important stage of all - sex. Just how well that she stack up when it comes to being sexual? Because after all, she does need sex to live. For this, he once again brings the male cyborg into play, as it is the start of an interracial sexual encounter. One eventually concluding with a creampie finish!