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Mio Shidou:Sex Cyborg-Interracial Creampie!

Length: 31:45
Publish Date: 13 June 2020

Mio Shido, is a sex cyborg who is in need of a remodeling, and that is exactly what Dr. Pablo Ferrari gives her. We open the scene with Dr. Pablo going over, and checking Mio's body following the surgery, and by the looks of it, it is one that was quite successful. Pablo seems extra pleased with his new improved sex cyborg. He even has two clients that come to scope out the cyborg. However, Pablo seems to not be quite completely satisfied with her just yet. This, has he goes on to want to test her out sexually. Because after all, she will not live unless she has sex with a guy. We then pick up the story as the location has changed to a hospital room. It's here, that we see Pablo go on to caress the body of his sex cyborg, Mio. This would eventually see him rip open the chest of her suit, to reveal her tits. he then go on to rip it at the crotch. Both, as Mio is on her back, as well as she being on all fours as he rip even more, off of her ass. Pablo would play around with the pussy a little. However, it isn't long before he has his cock for she to suck. It's from here, that we see Mio go on to administer a blowjob, as she slurp and suck on it. But it's also here, that we see Pablo also go on to fuck her face for a time, before we go into the doggy position from the bed. Mio is up on her knees, as Pablo take she from behind. He from here, proceeds with a steady pace. Also pulling out and putting back in, prior resuming. Next up, Mio is on her back, as we first see side fuck, as she has her legs closed tightly together, before later opening them wide, surrendering the pussy to Pablo from there. We then have Mio half straddle Pablo, as things go to cowgirl. It beginning with a brief time with she going up and down on the cock. However, it would continue next with Pablo taking up a quick pace, as he fuck the pussy. Next, Pablo wants Mio to fuck him. So to do this, she gets up on her feet, to slam herself down at a steady pace. The position would finish up with Mio, leaning back to take it. The next position we would see, is reverse cowgirl, as a the previous position, would reverse. The position being reverse cowgirl, as Pablo steadily fucks her pussy. However, next she would once again resume sucking cock. This, prior to the two of them sitting across from each other, and as Pablo thrust forward, as part of a somewhat upright missionary position. Things would remain upright, as Pablo next hug Mio in closely, as he continue to fuck. We would then see Pablo maintain his quick, but steady pace, as they next go to spoon for a period of time. Pablo would then find himself on his back, as Mio goes on to straddle him in the cowgirl position. Only this time, Pablo would lie staticly, to allow Mio to throw her pussy on to his hard cock. It's enough action, to soon make Pablo cum, as he fill Mio, the sex cyborg's pussy for a creampie finish!