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Sena Miura : The Perfect Soapland Creampie Service

Length: 1:11:05
Publish Date: 1 May 2021

Tony comes to the soapland for a little bit of relaxation. It is his very first time ever attending a soapland. But he is in for a good time, as he has been assigned the beautiful Sena Miura, who looks to show him a good time. Tony takes his shirt off, while Sena's focus would be his pants and then his cock. in that order. In fact she is quick to kiss the shaft of the cock, before she even get it fully out of his jeans. It's after this that she would go on to worship Tony's body as he sit back on the couch. She kissing down his body, before eventually going on to suck and slutp the cock. She would even be quick to ride him, as she move her panties aside. This as she goes on to steadily bounce on the cock for a time, before reversing herself to the reverse variation of cowgirl after. It would be following this. that Sena then invites Tony into the shower, so that is where they go next. Once in the shower Sena has Tony take a seat on a chair. It would be here, that she continue to stroke and suck his cock. This. prior to she soaping him up real good. It's also during this time, that she tries to give him a reach around. She would rinse him off.  However, she would go on to once again suck him off. It's after this that she would be seen humping Tony's arm, as well as penetrating herself with his toes. She would then go on to suck his cock, as it eventually goes to she getting fucked in a side fucking position, prior to she being upright in cowgirl. Sena would then invite Sena into the bath with her next. It's from there, that she would go on to again suck his cock, prior to she putting her ass in Tony's face for he to eat her pussy. This would be prior to she going on to sit on the dick for a round of reverse cowgirl. One that would be followed by cowgirl, as she reverses herself, and straddles both sides of the bathtub. She would return to sucking until she says to Tony that things are getting rather hot in there, and so she wants the two of them to move over to the mat. She oils up the mat , prior to inviting Tony over. However Tony would assume the position on his stomach, a Sena would go on to oil him up from there. She kissing him up and down his back. She'd hump his arm, suck his fingers, all before making her way down. She would mount Tony in reverse, as she rim his ass and stroke, and suck his cock from the back, and after giving his feet attention, the two would scissor. This position unique, as she would be penetrated from the side, and then while on her stomach. She would go on to worship Tony's feet, prior to he being on his back, and it's again as she suck his cock before climbing on to ride in cowgirl. This would be followed by reverse cowgirl, with Sena up on her feet, prior to she making a return to cowgirl. It's after this that she would be on her back, and pounded by Tony in the missionary position, before it's to doggy. As the two of them next, take to a bedroom area, with things with beginning 69. It would be here, that we would see Tony finger the pussy, as Sena suck him off. The next position would be cowgirl as she once again climb on to ride the dick. The action here would be enough to make Sena squirt twice. She do so again, when Tony briefly takes her into standing cowgirl. But then it's back on the bed for missionary, followed by lazy dog, then missionary once again. It would be during the lstter that Tony would improve his pacing to a much quicker one, as he fuck Sena hard, with it all leading to he giving her an interracial Creampie!