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Yuzu : Soap Girl-Interracial Perfect Soapland

Length: 1:09:32
Publish Date: 14 September 2020

Andy Stone has come for some relaxation at a Japanese Soapland. it is there that he is assigned a beautiful young Japanese woman in Yuzu, who looks to please his every need for the day. After introducing each other the two quickly trade kisses. This, before Yuzu helps Andy get undressed one article of clothing after the other. The final article of clothing being his boxers, which are removed, as a towel covers his lap, as per custom. Yuzu then gets undressed, as Andy would then suck on Yuzu's tits and after, she would return the favor. by going down to suck his cock. They would eventually head to the shower for for more action. It's here that we watch them help each other soap up, as Yuzu go on to rub herself against Andy several times then would rinse off and soap up again, before they next take themselves to a tub nearby. It's in the tub that Yuzu would once again suck his dick. They do last here for a time until Yuzu directs Andy over to an inflatable platform. It's from here, that Yuzu would oil herself up, and then proceed to rub her body all over Andy's various body parts. However, this would lead to some real penetration from both cowgirl and the reverse variation. We would also see some lazy dog from here, as well. It would all finally lead them into a bedroom-like setting, here as they continue on. It's From here that we once again see reverse cowgirl, as well as missionary. It's during the missionary, that Andy would finish strong and hard, as he eventually cum inside of Yuzu, thus ending this Soapland Visit in a creampie!