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Mone Kamiki Afterschool Vibrator Orgasm!

Length: 17:14
Publish Date: 1 December 2020
Mone Aniki is an obedient Japanese schoolgirl who stays after class for some extra credit with her teacher Pablo Ferrari, who looks to teachers a few lessons about the intense orgasm. Things begin between the two. As Pablo has Mone sit on the bed, prior to meeting her there. The two engage in passionate kissing involving much tongue, as Mone eventually finds herself on her back. It's there where she finds her teacher, as he go on to suck upon her nipples, prior to kissing her body, and making his way down. This would also include he kissing her crotch, from over her black panties. He would eventually however, pull said panties aside where he would go down on her with his mouth and tongue. This, before he places two fingers into her, as he finger her pussy deep. Beyond the deep fingering, Pablo would also go on to employ the use of three toys. The first of them being a mini bullet vibrator, which he is able to place deeply inside of her. It's a toy that makes Mone squirm. However, not as much as the next toy that Pablo would use on her. That being a small vibrating dildo. He of course first teasing she with it, prior to going on to more hardcore play, which sees him jam it in and out of Mone's tight hole hard as it goes deep. She moving so much, that Pablo most hold her legs open. Pablo would then continue the use the toys as he bring an Hitachi wand vibrator out next. He immediately goes on to once again, tease at Mone's clit. It's use of the toy that soon brings Mone to yet another raging hard orgasm, one during which, she manages to squirt. It's the final toy, and the final test, as today's afterschool lesson comes to an end!