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Naomi Togo : Office Worker-Squirting Orgasm!

Length: 14:35
Publish Date: 31 October 2020

It's after hours at the office, and Shun Sakuragi has been fired by the boss. Shun is disgruntled and rebellious. He's also horny! His co-worker, Naomi Togo finds this out, as she's met by Shun's sexual advancements. She's initially resistant. But soon she submits to his desires. He goes on to get a feel of her breasts, as he rip open her blouse. However, his focus soon changes, ans he remove Naomi's pantyhose to get to her blue panties. They too soon come off however, as Shun then train a small vibrating bullet on her clit for a time. But it's next that we see Naomi on all fours, as Shun would next utilize a vibrating dildo. He teases that Naomi's opening prior to inserting it into her pussy, where he eventually leave it in to watch it circle and vibrate as it remain lodged into her. The two then switch locations to a chair, where we would see Naomi set with her legs spread as, he continue to go at her pussy with the vibrating dildo as it continue to move in and out. However, it would be what would happen next when soon, the proceedings become its most extreme. That's because Shun retrieves an Hitachi vibrator. The magic wand's vibrations are just too much for Naomi to bare, as Shun is seen restraining she, as he train the toy on her clit, as she squirms to get away. The end result being that the toy makes Naomi soon come to squirting orgasm, shortly before things come to an end.