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Iroha Hoshi : Squirting Orgasms on the train

Length: 18:09
Publish Date: 1 January 2021

Iroha Hoshi and Lutro are security guards on the train who are making final inspections, when they come across an item left behind by one of the passengers - a mysterious suitcase. Initially. they approach the item with caution, fearing that it may be a bomb of sorts. However, their suspicions are soon relieved, when they take a look inside. They are quite surprised to find that inside the suitcase is a variety of sex toys. They take time to inspect each item within. There's a dildo with a vibrating head. A wand vibrator, as well as a small vibrator with a sensation control dial. Lutro is quite happy about the discovery, while Iroha appears to be somewhat embarrassed, Lutro says that he senses that the toys have piqued her curiosity. Of course, she first denies this, but he somehow manages to convince her to let him try out the toys. Lutro begins by using his tongue, as he flick it along Iroha's clit. He then go on to use his fingers as well, before introducing the first toy. A dildo with a clit stimulator included. He begins by teasing Iroha, keeping the toy at her opening. This prior to eventually going on to insert it. Things would progress with he bringing it in and out of her pussy at a quick pace. He would also briefly use the small vibrating toy, as well as the dildo simultaneously. Lutro however, would soon bring his fingers back into play as he go on to finger-bang Iroha hard, causing she to squirt likewise. It would be next on to the toy that Iroha was most hesitant about - the big vibrating wand. Again, Lutro would tease Iroha at her opening oce again, prior to going on to train the toy on her clit, were she is of course most sensitive. It's after this that Iroha and Lutro have had their fun as the put back the toys and the manner in which they found them, as they go on about their business.