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Mina Asahi : Teacher orgasms in the classroom after school

Length: 18:26
Publish Date: 1 May 2021

Mina Asahi and Lutro, both teachers, have a chance encounter after class. The two of them exchange passionately kisses, as Lutro goes on to unbutton Mina's white blouse before going on to suck at her tits. His focus turning to to her pussy, as he would then rub at it, from over her panties. However, soon said panties come off , as Luto would proceed to go down on her with his mouth and tongue. Eventually however, Lutro would bring out the toys, first starting with his small bullet vibrator. It's with this toy that he would tease at her swollen clit. We would see him dance it around the clit, prior to going on to inserting it inside of her. However, it would once again come back out, as he would again toy with the clit. After this, he would produce another toy. A bigger vibrating dildo. It's one that he first, he eases into Mina's pussy, as he twists it. However, soon enough he would jam the toy in and out of her opening at a quick pace for a time. The Hitachi vibrator would come out next, and Lutro is quick to train it on Mina's ass, while he deeply finger her pussy. But as things would continue, he would also use the toy on her clit as well. After this, we would see Lutro continue things as he go on to finger-bang the pussy hard, doing so, eventually sending Mina into orgasm!