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The boss's orgasm communication:Mio Shido

Length: 13:57
Publish Date: 1 March 2022

There has been some kind of occurrence in the office, to which the boss Lutro, quickly apologizes to Mio Shido for. He also seems very excited to show off something that he happens to have brought back from Europe with him. He goes on to show Mio a black box, and in that box, a variety of sex toys. It's from which that Lutro has she choose one. Mio chooses a vibrating bullet egg. Lutro explains that it is a massager. Except only for the pussy. Mio nodding in approval, as she go on to use it. He slips it down the front of her undergarment, as Lutro kisses at her neck at the same time. However, soon enough he would get hands-on as he would peel Mio's panties aside to work the massager with his fingers along her clit, as well as penetrate her with it. This being before he would get out another toy replacing the other. The next toy being a larger one with a clit stimulator attached. It also being one that turns and pulsates. With this toy, Lutro is initially steady, as he brings it in and out of Mio's pussy. But soon enough, he would increase his pace, going faster and harder. He would also simutaneously massage her anal opening with his thumb. For one final toy, he would bring out a vibrating wand. It's a toy, which he'd of course, train on her clit. Lutro, would also use his fingers jamming them in and out and quick concession, ultimately causing Mio to orgasm!