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Melody Marks & Kenzie Reeves : The Dick Judgement / Interracial Foursome Creampie!

Length: 44:28
Publish Date: 15 May 2021

Melody Marks and Kenzie Reeves, are two American schoolgirls, studying abroad, who happen to find themselves locked in the midst of a heated debate over a certain topic. That topic being "what makes the best cock?". It's just a topic that they cannot settle amongst themselves. It being so bad, that the two of them find themselves in a court of law. Both of them being represented by their own respective lawyers. Melody with Shun Sakuragi, and Kenzie with Ichiro. The scene opens up in the courtroom, as both of the girls look to tell their sides of the debate, as they are overseen by a judge. Kenzie argues that the best cock is the bigger cock. While, Melody on the other hand, argues that it's not only the size that makes the dick, but also the shape. It's as things continue that the argument picks back up, right in the middle of the courtroom. This as the two of them look to give hands-on evidence. Yes, what is on their minds, is for them to give, up close and personal "hard" evidence. This as they look to use their respective lawyers in live demonstration. This, as it is obvious that the two of them have already bedded their lawyers, as they are able to tell the court, just how well they stack up to their individual preferences. Kenzie argues that Ichiro has a nice size about him, as Melody says that Shun has ideal big balls. For her it is again all about the shape. The two of them begin to suck the cocks their lawyers, right in the middle of the courtroom, which sends the court into a frenzy. Especially the judge, who cannot get a handle on things. It would eventually see all parties making their way out of the courtroom, and into a bedroom, as the four are forced to take a break, it would be during, that we would see sexual encounter between all four. Both of the girls, and their lawyers! Both Ichiro and Shun begin by sucking on their respective clients tits, prior to they making the switch. Shun would finger Kenzie, as Kenzie finger Melody, while she herself, sucks off Ichiro. Eventually, Melody rides Ichiro's face, as Kenzie sucks Shun's cock. We'd eventually see Ichiro get Melody from behind, as Melody herself, would go down on Kenzie, who is busy jerking Sean's cock. However, soon enough, we would see both of the girls riding in cowgirl. Each of them from different ends. Kenzie facing the camera, and Melody having her back to it. After, we see the two girls tag team on the cock once again, this time, Ichiro's. we see them both fucked in doggy, Ichiro with Kenzie, and Shun with Melody. The two girls, even show their kinship during this, as we see them holding hands, as they're fucked. Next, Melody would ride in standard cowgirl, while Kenzie would do so in reverse. However, eventually Melody finds herself fucked in missionary by Shun. While Ichiro has Kenzie in doggy. Eventually it is a visual, as Ichiro and Kenzie would go on to stack on top of both Melody and Shun, as all of this continues on. After this, we would see both of the girls go on to get fucked in missionary at the same time, as they lie side-by-side with each other. Another notable happening sees the guys position the girls across from each other on the backs, Shaun would go on to rub at their pussies simultaneously, while Ichiro would go one better, as he would proceed to dip his cock into both of the holes; one after the other. Eventually, we would see Ichiro then fuck Kinzie from a standing a side fuck position, off of the edge of the bed, While Melody would be fucked from behind. But things would soon get even more interesting, as Ichiro goes on to stack up the girls on top of one another. Kenzie on top of Melody. Ichiro from here would proceed to fuck Melody, while also fingering Kenzie's pussy. However, after a brief time in doing so, he would fully straddle the front of Melody as he go on to penetrate Kenzie. This, as Shun comes in to penetrate Melody at the same time. Eventually, as the scene nears the end, it would go to Shun fucking Melody in missionary, and Ichiro again fucking Kenzie from the standing side fuck position. This time from the bed. Each of these positions would see both of the men cum inside their girl. First, it's Shun inside Melody, and then it's Ichiro following next, as he deeply fills up Kenzie with his load!