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Kenzie Reeves:The End of Love / Interracial Anal Fuck Creampie!

Length: 39:02
Publish Date: 13 March 2021

This epic scene from director, KINGDOM tells of the love affair between a maid and her master. 12 years ago, businessman Ichiro, met and befriended young Kenzie Reeves, and made her his maid. She was to serve him, and during, she also finding another way to remain loyal, by also being his bodyguard. She being quite skilled in swordsmanship. For more than a decade, the two shared a loving relationship with one another, and Kenzie never left Ichiro's side. That is until Ichiro is suddenly and mysteriously kidnapped in broad daylight. The event causing Kenzie to make a regrettable decision, one to which she asked God for forgiveness. And that was that she had no other choice but to return to her old ways of killing, as she wield a sharp katana. It would be with the dangerous instrument, that she would find the mansion where her master is being held, and storm the compound, under a guise of her petite innocence. She goes up to the door and is greeted by two men - henchmen. She telling the two men exactly why she is there. However, the men pretend to not know the whereabouts of her master. But, Kenzie has no time for fun and games, as she would next go on the hunt for her master, but not before using brute force, as she brandishes her trusty and sharp tool. Without missing a beat. Kenzie takes out the first two men, as she would be greeted by another two, once she reaches the staircase, and like before she makes quick work of them, thus leaving the house all clear, and it's as a result that she is soon able to locate her master, who has been beaten and tied up in one of the bedrooms. With bruising on his face, Ichiro is barely conscious, as Kenzie tries to revive him with her kisses and loving touch. However, her master is still concerned about her well-being, as he mutters. Telling her to get away from the mansion, that it is dangerous. But Kenzie is still dead-set on being loyal to her master, and she will do anything to make him feel better. This, as she goes on to ask him where he is hurting, saying that she is here to serve him. Her inspection of Ichiro's body however, would soon lead to she sucking on Ichiro's cock and balls, and later deepthroating the former. After this, Kenzie would straddle him for cowgirl, prior to Ichiro placing Kenzie on his face, as he nearly suffocates, while he attempts to eat pussy. Kenzie is still on top, as she reverses herself next for a little 69. It's here, that we see Ichiro absolutely munch on the pussy from here. However, Kenzie would be just as dedicated in sucking the cock. So much so, that we eventually see her essentially standing on her head, in a scorpion formation as she continues to do so. The doggy would be next. Ichiro, even eventually using the chain on his handcuffs as a bit in her mouth to use as leverage as he goes balls deep into Kenzie. Ichiro's next target would be Kenzie's ass, as the first half straddle to fuck it. However, Kenzie would end up in another strange position, a split-legged piledriver position, that ends up in upside down missionary again. Kenzie would then ride in cowgirl, before it's back to 69, and then standing 69. We then see Kenzie fucked in doggy and in an upright standing. Ichiro would then lift her for reverse cowgirl. Upside down missionary/piledriver would be seen next, before Kenzie is upright again, as it is to standing cowgirl, before we once again see side fuck/missionary anal on the bed. It would be here that the action, lasting until Ichiro, eventually cums hard, shooting his load deep inside Kenzie's ass for an anal creampie finish!