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The last wish of the patient is Fuck and Creampie:Alexis Crystal&Kyoko Makise

Length: 49:09
Publish Date: 31 March 2022

Baby Rambo is a patient at the crazy hospital, who is convinced that he is near his end. He believes to be dying. This despite his doctor, Babychicka telling him otherwise - this despite knowing the real truth. They tell Rambo that he's going to be ok. However, Rambo insists that he knows his body. After they check over him, Rambo tells Babychicka, and nurses Alexis Crystal and Kyoko Makise, that he would like to see Dr. Sakuragi, the "loser" doctor, that has since been expelled from the hospital. Behind the scenes, Sakuragi is still Babychicka's foe. They hate each other. However, it is the healthy practice to do as the patient wishes, and call on him she does. Shaun would soon arrive at the hospital with an air of arrogance about him that the female doctor simply despises. After making a scene and declaring that he "is back", he goes to see the patient that called on him, Rambo. When Rambo goes on to ask him the very same questions that he asked before, Sakutagi doesn't mince words. Instead, he is truthful. He tells the man that he does indeed, not have much time left. With this, Sakuragi asks Rambo what he would like to have for his "last wish" Rambo goes on to explain that, when it comes to himself, he is not quite experienced with girls, and that he would like to have sex with two nurses prior to his time being up. It is then that Shun knows exactly why it is that he was called upon, and seems to have no trouble with the request asked of him, he would soon arrange it to occur. This as he brings in the nurses; Alexis and Kyoko, who oblige. It begins with the three of them sharing passionate kisses, with baby Rambo being in the center. The kissing between he and Kyoko would continue, as Alexis Crystal would go down on him. However, soon enough Kyoko would join her, as the pair lick the cock. As the trio would once more kiss, Rambo singles out Kyoko to get behind, burying his face in. This would naturally go to 69. Here, Kyoko rides face, as Alexis is also on the cock. After this, Alexis would go on to ride his face. This, prior to seeing the two girls scissoring. However the only difference, is that they have Rambo's cock in between them. Alexis would even proceed to rub the cock on Kyoko's clit. This before she would climb on for cowgirl, as she bounce on it. That would be followed by Kyoko doing so in the reverse variation of the position. This return to 69 with Kyoko sucking Rambo's cock, and Alexis, his balls would follow. Next up, Rambo would take Alexis into the missionary position, where he would fuck at a steady pace, meanwhile Kyoko would bounce atop Alexis'chest. However, soon we would see Kyoko take the dick in doggy, while remaining stacked on Alexis. After this, the two would remain stacked, except Kyoko would be on all fours, with Alexis on Kyoko's back. Rambo would continue with Alexis in doggy from there, before eventually switching to Kyoko at bottom. He would then alternate between both girls. In particular, he would fuck Alexis hard, prior to moving on to Kyoko. From here, Kyoko, also eating Alexis pussy. Next, as Rambo would again fuck Alexis in doggy, this time, from the opposite end, the group would find themselves in 69 actively. This before it's back to missionary with Kyoko, then receiving. Kyoko, would then Ride in cowgirl, prior to Alexis doing so in reverse. After this, Kyoko, would get missionary, in addition to cowgirl. This, as the final position would be another round of doggy for Alexis Crystal, that would end with a creampie finish!