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Lika Star & Kaede Azuma : The Nurses' Dick Treatment / Ffm Blowjob!

Length: 13:21
Publish Date: 13 March 2021

Lika Star and Kaede Azuma, are two young nurses, assigned to treat Matsuken, a patient, who is having some discomfort, due to a mysterious illness. They cannot pinpoint the cause, as they wait for the doctor to come in, to evaluate. However, Matsuken seems to be convinced that the ladies can help them out by taking care of his cock - and somehow they believe him. This, as the two of them would go to work on his dick together. There is the double-team, the one after the other, and the single work. We see all of these, as the nurses have their time with both Matsuken's cock and balls, all in the pursuit of his climax. It would be eventually, that their hard work comes to fruition, as the two ladies stroking him simultaneously, soon enough gets Matsuken to explode!